Best CBD Hemp Flower Companies of 2023: Our Top 4 Picks

Best CBD Hemp Flower Companies

Smoking or vaping CBD flowers are the most effective and fast-acting methods of CBD consumption. Many people prefer CBD flowers for their health and wellness needs over other CBD consumption methods and the current increase in popularity of the CBD industry has led to the rise of many CBD flower companies.

However, not all CBD vendors are selling the best quality products in the market. Some CBD flower brands may look like a big deal but once you try them, they rarely meet expectations. And frankly distinguishing between a good and bad CBD flower brand can be a bit of a hassle.

However, some CBD flower companies value their customers and do everything right starting from the seed to the shelf. These vendors have established brands for themselves by selling the highest-quality CBD hemp flowers on the market.

In this article, we have mentioned 4 of the most reputable CBD flower companies that we love to recommend. 

Quick links for the best CBD flower companies

  1. Plain JaneWeedime’s choice 
  2. CannaflowerRunner up
  3. Secret Nature CBDBest premium CBD flowers
  4. Green Unicorn FarmsBest CBD flowers by category

How did we choose the best CBD flower companies?

At least a couple of dozen CBD companies claim to sell the best CBD flowers, so why did we choose these four?

We have our expertise and a set of criteria that we used to vet many CBD flower brands and only a handful of vendors qualified and made this list, the criteria include:

Company’s Value: We checked, why a CBD flower company is doing what it’s doing. What is the value behind making CBD products. Whether they value their customers or not. Whether they are motivated by running a business and making money or there is something greater driving the company forward.

Brand Image: We checked how long a company has been in the business and whether a company has a credibility and positive brand image or not.

Varieties of CBD Flowers and Shopping Experience: We also checked whether a CBD flower company contains a wide collection of CBD flowers or not. How user-friendly is their website, and whether it is easy to shop for CBD flowers on these websites or not?

Cost of CBD Flowers: While researching, we also found some great CBD flower companies but the cost of their products was absurdly high, so we excluded them. Nevertheless, we know that “with great quality comes great cost” (pun intended) but paying absurdly high just does not make sense to us when there are great CBD companies selling the best quality CBD flowers at affordable prices.

Quality of Hemp: Hemp is the major ingredient in any CBD hemp flower, so we considered a company that uses organic high-quality, US-grown hemp and is transparent about the processes used in the production of CBD flowers. 

Farm Bill Compliance: We checked whether a CBD flower company follows the 2018 Farm Bill, which states that a CBD product, i.e. flowers must come from hemp and contain less than 0.3% of THC to be legally sold in the US.

Certificate of Analysis (COA): We checked whether the CBD flowers had been lab-tested by an independent third party for quality, purity, and authenticity for every batch that a company produces. The COA is the most essential piece of document that you should check before shopping for any CBD flowers, and it mentions the THC, CBD, and other contents. COA also mentions whether CBD flowers are free from GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants.

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Pricing Guide:

  • Under $10 = $
  • Between $11 to $30 = $$
  • Over 30$ = $$$

This is roughly based on the average price of CBD flowers.

Detailed Review of the 4 Best CBD Hemp Flower Companies

Plain Jane

Plain Jane Website's Img
Plain Jane Website's Screenshot
  • Price Range: $ – $$$
  • Customer Review: “I never write reviews but I placed an order like 2 days ago and it’s already here! EXCELLENT smell, quality, feeling, packaging and shipping time! What an amazing company! I’m sad I only just found you guys! Nothing beats the price! Free, fast shipping and such quality! Can’t wait to try more strains.”
  • COA: Available
  • Popular Strains: Sour Spice Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Elektra, Kush

Plain Jane is a Southern Oregon-based CBD flower company that offers more than 20 CBD hemp flower products. Including CBD flower, CBD pre-rolls, and one of the best CBD cigarettes that we could find on the market. Till now, the company has served over 75,000 customers in the United States.

Plain Jane is one of the best CBD flower companies online. They offer a wide range of strains of every shape and size at very affordable prices. The price of plain jane is so amazing that it puts the competition to shame. 

You will get 3.5 grams of Plain Jane CBD flowers starting at just $9. 

Even with the low prices, the company does not compromise on the quality of its strains. As all their CBD flowers come from American family-owned farms that believe in regenerative farming and sustainable practices and they grow one of the highest-quality CBD flowers in the industry.

The company also uses a water curing process that removes the traditional hempy smell and enhances the natural flavor of terpenes. This offers an amazing experience while smoking CBD flowers.

Company’s Highlight:

  • Excellent range of CBD flowers and a seamless shopping experience.
  • Unbeatable prices, and top-quality CBD flowers.
  • Excellent packing, fast shipping, and great customer support.


Cannaflower Website's Img
Cannaflower Website's Screenshot
  • Price Range: $ – $$$
  • Customer Review: “Cannaflower is the place to shop for high-quality products. Care is put into every facet of what they do. From products, to packaging, to shipping…Cannaflower is first class. It’s also great to earn points quickly that can be used get free products in account perks. Give them a try…you won’t be disappointed!”
  • COA: Available
  • Popular Strains: Bubba Kush, Sour Spice Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Lifter, Cherry Wine

Cannaflower is one of the most-reputable CBD flower companies that have been in this business for a long time. They are known for their ultra-premium, organically-grown CBD hemp flowers. 

Before their CBD flowers reach the end customers, they use a slow curing process on their nugs, which are then hand-trimmed to perfection so that you can experience the best of what Cannaflower has to offer.

With every CBD flower in Cannaflower’s inventory, the vendor mentioned the flavors, effects, and proper usage in the description that you can expect from a particular strain, they even define the exact content of different kinds of Cannabinoids present in each CBD strain.

You will get 3.5 grams of Cannaflower CBD flowers starting at $27

Equipped with high-quality strains, discrete packing, affordable prices, and amazing customer support helps this CBD flower brand to reach the top of the industry.

Company’s Highlight:

  • Best quality CBD flowers at affordable prices.
  • Excellent packing, fast delivery, and amazing customer support.
  • Great selection of CBD flowers with a proper description.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.

Secret Nature CBD

Secret Nature CBD Website's Screenshot
  • Price Range: $$ – $$$
  • Customer Review: “Secret Nature CBD is the BEST. This is the highest quality product you will find. You will receive all of the health benefits of this amazing plant, without the negative effects of thc. You can taste the quality, and will appreciate the purity of this product. The customer service team is excellent. This company has genuine integrity.”
  • COA: Available
  • Popular Strains: Sweet Cake, Papaya Nights, Frosted Kush, Mr, Rainbow, Secret OG

Secret Nature CBD is one of the best CBD hemp flower companies that has been in this business for over 20 years. They have mastered the craft of growing top-quality CBD flowers to become one of the best CBD flower vendors in the market.

The company focuses more on the quality of its products and uses indoor farming practices, where they give the best possible conditions for their CBD flowers to grow at their best and become a top-shelf product. As each Secret Nature CBD nugs are 100% organic and contain a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

However, the highest quality procedures and indoor farming put the price of CBD flowers on the premium side. You will get 3.5 grams of Secret nature CBD flowers starting at $30 and the experience of smoking them is well worth the price.

This CBD flower brand has thousands of happy customers and over 10,000 five-star reviews.

Company’s Highlight:

  • Highly potent, top-shelf hemp CBD flowers.
  • Thousands of happy customers and over 10,000 five-star reviews.
  • Reliable brand with great packing and fast delivery. 

Green Unicorn Farms

Green Unicorn Farm Website's Screenshot
  • Price Range: $ – $$$
  • Customer Review: “Thank you Green Unicorn Farms. From beginning to end a fantastic experience. Great service, fast delivery, loved the messages from you, affordable and reliable products, All above my expectations. The gift included with my order was the cherry on the sundae! I cannot wait to try another strain!”
  • COA: Available
  • Popular Strains: Cali Gold Indoor, Apple Smacks Indoor, Magic Bullet, Pink Panther, Sour Spice Candy

Green Unicorn Farm is a CBD flower company based in Bay Area, California. They offer a wide range of Indoor-grown and Outdoor-grown premium quality CBD flowers at affordable prices.

The company has a great listing of CBD hemp flowers, where each product description mentions the exact amount of CBD and other cannabinoids present. It also includes the suitable time to consume a particular strain.

Green Unicorn Farm has been in business for a long time and they have learned the ins and outs of running a successful CBD flower business. Each of their production processes involves absolute perfection starting with the seed and going all the way to the shelf.

You will get 3.5 grams of Green Unicorn CBD flowers starting at $25 and according to over 500+ reviews, they are a delight to smoke.

Company’s Highlight:

  • A wide selection of high-quality CBD flowers from both Indoor and Outdoor grow.
  • Reliable brand, discrete packing, and affordable prices.

CBD flowers and its benefits explained

CBD flowers are simply the smokable flowers that are harvested from hemp plants. CBD flowers are a milder version of cannabis flowers, as the major difference between them is their THC content. 

Cannabis flowers can contain up to 10 to 40% of THC, but CBD flowers that come from hemp always contain less than 0.3% of THC by dry weight.

The CBD flowers also contain a wide range of other cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, and so on. When CBD flowers are consumed, the cannabinoids work in synergy in the body and regulate the CB receptors to help them reach a state of homeostasis. This produces an array of benefits, such as:

  • CBD flowers can help calm down the nerves and provides a relaxing feeling that you just can’t put in words.
  • CBD flowers can help manage mood, stress, headaches, anxiety, depression, sleep, insomnia, seizures, pain, and inflammation.
  • Smoking CBD flowers can help people quit their addiction to smoking cigarettes, and it can be a great and safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.
  • CBD flowers also have a higher bioavailability than any other conventional CBD product.
  • Consuming CBD flowers is the quickest way to experience the goodness of CBD. 
  • Smoking CBD flowers are relatively cheaper than any other alternative, this is especially the case if you shop CBD flowers from plain jane.

There are many different types of CBD flowers available, each has its unique constituents of naturally occurring plant compounds, i.e. cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, which makes every flower exhibit a different color, aroma, flavor, and effects.

How to consume CBD flowers?

There are three major ways to consume CBD flowers; you can either smoke them, vape them, or cook with them.

Smoking CBD flowers is one of the most popular methods of CBD consumption: just crush the flowers and roll them in a joint. If you don’t know how to roll a joint, then as an alternative you can always use a pipe or a bong to smoke CBD flowers.

Vaping CBD flowers is a new thing in this industry. Vaping is considered safer and more effective than smoking. However, to vape CBD flowers, you need a dry herb vaporizer.

Cooking with CBD flowers involves many processes, as you need to decarboxylate the flowers and infuse them with butter or oil, then you can use this butter in cooking to make all kinds of CBD edible.

Is CBD flowers legal in the US?

CBD flowers are legal in all 50 states of the United States. As long as it comes from Hemp and contains less than 0.3% of THC by dry weight. However, a few states like Idaho have imposed certain restrictions on any CBD products that contain THC. 

Most of the CBD flower companies on this list ship their products all over the US, however, take the necessary precautions if you live in a state where THC is completely illegal.

Check the current CBD law of your state, here.

Can CBD flowers get you high?

CBD flowers that come from hemp can not get you high. High is only caused by the psychoactive compound THC, As any CBD hemp flower can only contain up to 0.3% of THC, which is too small and can not cause any alteration of senses, commonly known as “high”. 

All the other cannabinoids present in CBD flowers are non-psychoactive.

Nevertheless, with CBD flower you will feel a shift in your mood and may feel a burst of energy, but it will never alter your senses, i.e. euphoria or your motor skills.

Can CBD flowers show up in a drug test?

CBD flowers can cause a false positive on cannabis drug tests. 

The current cannabis drug tests are designed to detect THC in your system, however, even if the concentration of THC is tiny, say 0.3% that is ideally found in any CBD flowers, a cannabis drug test will detect that.

So exercise necessary caution. If your work requires you to take a periodic drug test then discontinue the use of CBD flowers at least a week before any drug test screening. 

Final thoughts

There you have it, our list of the 4 best CBD flower companies that we love to recommend. 

CBD flowers are one of the best ways to relax and rewind for the day and experience the goodness of CBD. They can also be a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

Nevertheless, CBD works differently for everybody and each CBD brand on this list offers a wide range of CBD flowers. So if you are new to CBD, try to explore different types of strains to find the one that suits you well, and the best way to do that is to try a CBD flower sample.

Shop for CBD flowers from any one of the listed companies, you will not be disappointed.


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