Best CBD Pre-Rolls of 2024: Our Top 4 Picks

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CBD pre-rolls offer a convenient and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol).

These pre-rolled joints come in various CBD strain options and are great for people seeking relaxation, stress relief, or other potential therapeutic effects without the risk of tobacco, nicotine, or cannabis.

However, with so many options on the market, finding a quality CBD pre-roll can be a challenging task. That’s where we step in.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to the best CBD pre-rolls available in the market. 

Quick links to the best CBD pre-rolls

  1. Plain Jane CBD Pre-Rolled Joints Weedime’s choice for the best CBD pre-rolls
  2. Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls – Premium CBD pre-rolls
  3. Cannaflower CBD pre-rolls – Strongest CBD pre-rolls
  4. Green Unicorn Farms CBD pre-rolls – CBD pre-rolls for sleep

What are CBD pre-rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are ready-made, pre-rolled smokables that are made when a smoking paper is rolled and filled with CBD hemp flowers. They contain little to no THC (less than 0.3%), ensuring you experience the therapeutic benefits of smoking CBD flowers without any psychoactive effects. 

A CBD pre-roll offers a convenient and user-friendly way to consume CBD, making it an excellent choice for people looking for an alternative to smoking cannabis, nicotine, or tobacco cigarettes.

Detailed review of the best CBD pre-rolls

Plain Jane CBD Joints

Plain Jane CBD prerolls
Image source: Plain Jane
  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • Weight: 0.5 gram per pre-roll
  • Quantity: 7 counts
  • Popular strains: Elektra, sour space candy, hawaiian haze 
  • COA: Available

Plain Jane CBD joints are some of the best CBD pre-rolls available in the market. Each pack contains 7 joints, with each containing a generous 0.5 grams of premium CBD-rich hemp flowers, which is more than enough to elevate your smoking experience.

But what truly sets these apart is the quality of the CBD they contain. Each pre-roll is meticulously crafted with organic-grown, freshly ground CBD hemp flowers. 

These flowers contain all the natural cannabinoids, including less than 0.3% of THC, and terpenes, ensuring that you experience the full spectrum of benefits with every puff.

What’s more, these pre-rolls are perfectly rolled in unbleached, vegan-friendly RAW rolling paper, designed to further enhance your smoking experience. They are 100% free of nicotine and tobacco and contain no additives or addictive substances.

But the selection doesn’t stop there. Plain Jane offers more than 15 different CBD flower strain options, each with its unique effects and flavors. 

With over 550 positive reviews, these joints have rightfully earned their place as one of the top CBD pre-rolls in the market. 

Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls

Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls
Image source: Secret Nature
  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • Weight: 0.6 gram per pre-roll
  • Quantity: 7 counts
  • Popular strains: diesel puff, secret OG, frosted kush, papaya nights
  • COA: Available

Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls are a testament to the highest quality, crafted with premium, indoor-grown, organic hemp flowers. It’s a convenient way to immerse yourself in the instant effects of full-spectrum flowers, rolled to perfection.

These pre-rolls are made with 100% freshly ground, hand-trimmed indoor buds, ensuring that every puff is an experience to remember. 

Additionally, a pack of these contains 7 joints, each offering a generous 0.6 grams of CBD flowers, which are rolled in organic hemp paper and sealed in an airtight container to preserve freshness.

These CBD joints are free from additives, cutting agents, and pesticides, guaranteeing the highest quality experience without unwanted substances. With various strains to choose from, the brand offers a diverse selection to cater to your unique preferences.

With over 150 positive reviews on their website, Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls have earned their place as a trusted and beloved product in the market.

Canna Flower CBD Pre-Rolls

Canna Flower CBD Pre-Rolls
Image source: Canna Flower
  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • Weight: 1 gram per pre-roll
  • Quantity: 5 count
  • Popular strains: OG kush, hawaiian haze, bubba kush
  • COA: Available

Canna Flower CBD pre-rolls are crafted by one of the top CBD flower companies in the market. These are not your typical pre-rolls; they are some of the most potent and strongest CBD joints that we could find.

Canna Flower knows that variety is important, and they offer an impressive selection of 7 different strains to cater to your every preference. Each pack contains 5 joints, with each generously offering 1 gram of organic CBD hemp flowers. 

Additionally, each 1-gram pre-roll is packed with a whopping 150 mg of CBD, ensuring you get the full spectrum of benefits with every puff. And with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC content, you can enjoy the rich CBD without unwanted psychoactive effects.

With popular strains like Hawaiian Haze to brighten your day, Sour Space Candy for a convenient dose of calm vitality, and OG Kush for relaxing downtime, Canna Flower’s pre-rolls offer a diverse pre-roll selection with unique effects and flavors.

Green Unicorn Farms CBD Pre-Rolls

Green Unicorn Farms CBD Pre-Rolls
Image source: Green Unicorn Farms
  • CBD type: Full spectrum
  • Weight: 0.5 gram per pre-roll
  • Quantity: 7 counts
  • Popular strains: wedding cake, royal OG, fruit funk
  • COA: Available

Green Unicorn Farms CBD pre-rolls are the key to a tranquil night’s sleep and a peaceful mind. Each pack contains 7 joints, each offering a soothing 0.5 grams of premium CBD hemp flowers, the brand offers 4 different types of CBD strains, each with its unique effects and flavors. 

Such as, if you are in pursuit of a deep relaxing experience without surrendering to complete couchlock, Wedding Cake is the perfect choice. It sends waves of comfort into your mind and body while offering flavors of sweet tropical fruits, citrus, and a hint of cake mix.

For those seeking the perfect blend of relaxation and mood-boosting mellow effects, Royal OG is the answer. This Indica strain is a fusion of the calming OG Kush lineage and the uplifting strain, offering a rich flavor profile of floral notes, overripe cherries, pine, and a touch of gas.

How did we choose the best CBD pre-rolls?

  1. CBD pre-roll market research: We initiated our selection process by conducting in-depth research on the current market. This involved identifying reputable CBD flower brands, examining their product offerings, and taking note of customer feedback and reviews.
  2. Product quality and CBD content: We gave importance to the quality of the hemp used in the pre-rolls and the concentration of CBD they contained. Products with high-quality, organically grown hemp and accurately labeled CBD content were favored.
  3. Flavor profile: We considered CBD pre-rolls with a variety of flavor profiles, from earthy and natural to flavored options, ensuring that there is something for every palate.
  4. User feedback and reviews: We examined user feedback and reviews to understand the practical implications of using these pre-rolls. Products with positive reviews and testimonials were given higher consideration.
  5. Brand reputation and transparency: Trustworthy CBD flower brands with a track record of quality and transparency in their operations were prioritized.
  6. Diversity of options: To cater to the different needs and budgets of our readers, we selected a range of CBD pre-roll options, from premium to budget-friendly.
  7. Compliance with legal standards: We ensured that all selected CBD pre-rolls were in accordance with relevant Farm Bill laws and regulations, particularly concerning THC content.

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Are CBD pre-rolls legal?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls are legal in the United States at the federal level, as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. This law made it acceptable to grow and sell industrial hemp and its derivatives, including the mentioned CBD pre-rolls.

While most states have embraced hemp-derived CBD, permitting the sale of different products, a few have imposed restrictions or even outright bans on specific forms of CBD, including pre-rolls.

So it’s essential to understand the laws and regulations in your state and local area to make sure you’re adhering to the law when shopping from CBD pre-rolls.

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Are CBD pre-rolls healthy?

CBD pre-rolls are a much healthier alternative as compared to smoking tobacco, nicotine, or even cannabis. It has no intoxicants or addictive chemicals such as nicotine, and it contains little to no THC.

While CBD flowers offer various potential health benefits, the act of smoking anything, whether it’s a traditional cigarette or a CBD joint, has inherent health risks associated with inhaling smoke into the lungs. This includes potential respiratory issues. 

For individuals concerned about the health implications of smoking, there are alternative CBD consumption methods that are healthier and safer, such as CBD edibles, tinctures, or topicals.

What does a CBD pre-roll do?

A CBD pre-roll is designed to provide you with a straightforward way to experience the potential therapeutic benefits of smoking CBD. Such as:

Relaxation: Many users turn to CBD pre-rolls to unwind and relax because CBD can promote a sense of calm and relaxation, making it a valuable option for those looking to de-stress after a long day.

Reduction in stress and anxiety: CBD has gained recognition for its potential anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties. When you smoke a CBD pre-roll, the compound interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, influencing the receptors which in turn regulate various bodily functions, like reducing stress and anxiety.

Mood enhancement: CBD joints can also alter mood control, making it more balanced, which can help individuals suffering from mood swings or minor mood disorders. 

Pain and inflammation relief: CBD is also recognized for its potential analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory effects. When you consume a CBD pre-roll, the compound can interact with receptors in your body associated with pain perception. This interaction can lead to a reduction in chronic pain and inflammation.

Improved sleep: By potentially relaxing the mind and body, CBD preroll can promote better sleep patterns. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with insomnia or disrupted sleep due to stress or pain.

It’s important to note that while CBD pre-rolls have the potential to provide these benefits, individual responses can vary. Many factors such as the CBD dosage, the strain of hemp used, and your body’s unique chemistry also play a role in determining the effects you experience.

How long do the effects of CBD pre-rolls last?

The duration of a CBD pre-roll’s effects can vary depending on factors like your tolerance, metabolism, and the CBD content of the pre-roll. On average, you can start to feel the effects of a CBD joint between 5 to 20 minutes after smoking and you can expect the effects to last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. 

Final thoughts

CBD pre-rolls offer a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate the potential benefits of CBD into your daily routine. With a wide variety of products on the market, it’s essential to do your research and choose high-quality pre-rolls from reputable brands. 

We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect CBD pre-roll to suit your needs, and we encourage you to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any specific health concerns or questions regarding CBD usage. 


The information in this article is intended for general use only and may not always be appropriate for everyone’s needs. Your health and wellness are unique to you, so before acting on anything we say, seek personalized advice from a medical professional.

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