What are the bad things about CBD? | CBD Side Effects Explained

CBD Side Effects

Anything that is good can also be bad, the same is the case with CBD. There are so many good things that come from taking CBD, but there can be some bad things too. It’s side effects.

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about CBD’s side effects.

CBD, short for “cannabidiol ” is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp plants that have become very popular lately. Although there is limited evidence, CBD is known to provide relief in symptoms like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and more.

In 2018, Congress passed a Farm Bill which makes industrial hemp legal in the US, this also leads hemp-derived CBD to become legal in the US. Within a span of a few years, CBD’s popularity skyrocketed and it has become a billion-dollar industry.

As CBD continues to grow in popularity, many people are wondering if CBD is really safe. What are the bad things about CBD? 

According to WHO, there is no evidence of health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD, and there is no risk of Abuse or Dependency as well. That means they are generally considering CBD safe. But that does not mean there are no Side Effects.

In the case of CBD, those unwanted side effects are generally pretty minimal and well-tolerated.

However, the FDA has not responded to CBD positively and refuses to take measures to regulate CBD products. Instead, the FDA was still expressing its official disapproval of non-pharmaceutical uses of CBD.

A clinical trial against the use of CBD for Epilepsy was so successful that the FDA had to approve a CBD-based medication named Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of Epilepsy. 

It’s important to remember that any substance that has the power to fix health problems may also have the power to cause side effects. While CBD is safer than many prescription drugs, that doesn’t mean CBD is right for Everyone.

What are the Side Effects of CBD?

Some people may experience certain side effects of CBD, like:

Dry mouth: This is a side effect that is relatively common among cannabis users, and it is likely due to the saliva-inhibiting effect that cannabinoids have via the CB receptors in our salivary glands.

There’s an easy fix for this: Be sure to drink plenty of water when you consume any CBD products.

Dehydration: Hemp and cannabis are astringent botanicals. While CBD is a compound of astringent botanicals, Dehydration could be an issue for any astringent botanical or its compounds if consumed on a regular basis. 

Fix: Just make sure to drink plenty of water before or after you consume any CBD product.

Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure: Cannabis is a hypotensive herb; it can lower blood pressure. That’s good news if you suffer from high blood pressure, as many people do. But if you have low blood pressure, you might want to monitor your blood pressure when trying CBD products and/or increasing your dose.

One person’s goal is another person’s side effect. Some people actually use CBD because of its blood-pressure-lowering qualities, but for others, those can be adverse reactions.

Interaction with Other Medications: CBD may interact with other medications or over-the-counter drugs like blood thinners medications, Blood pressure medicines, anti-anxiety medications, or Antidepressants. Some of these medications are processed through the liver, as is CBD and their interaction can sometimes increase the risk of sedation and drowsiness.

Although there haven’t been any serious issues related to CBD interaction with other medicines reported yet, nevertheless, if you’re taking other medications, you should check with your doctor before using CBD.

Liver Injury: According to research done on mice, Taking CBD in extremely high dosages for a long period of time may affect the function of the liver (so does any other medicine or supplements). This could lead to symptoms including loss of appetite, nausea, fever, weakness, abdominal pain, vomiting, and tiredness. 

Again this study was only done on mice and the CBD dosage required to lead to any kind of liver damage was so high that it is not possible for humans to reach that stage.

Allergic Reaction: There are wide varieties of CBD products available in the market and many CBD companies are selling products that are not up to the standards. Some of these CBD products may contain bogus ingredients that can cause certain allergies in some people.

It is important that you do your research and look at the ingredients and lab results before buying any CBD product. It is also recommended that you shop for CBD online from a reputable company.

Drowsiness and Fatigue: Some people initially feel drowsiness or fatigue when they start taking CBD products. This happens because CBD directly interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system that is responsible for maintaining balance within the body, and if your body is not getting enough sleep, CBD will act as an enabler for you to get more sleep, hence making you feel fatigued.

This is a temporary state that will get better in a few days, once you’ve slept well.

Decreased Appetite: CBD in its isolated form works as an appetite suppressant. If you start taking CBD, you will find that you are getting less hungry than before, and you may be able to reduce your food intake.

This is also a good example where one person’s goal is another person’s side effect.

How to Safely use CBD?

While the side effects of CBD are temporary and well-tolerated that doesn’t mean CBD is right for everyone. 

If you are someone who is worried about the CBD side effects can ensure a safe, beneficial experience by taking the following precautions before using any CBD products.

  • Talk with your doctor before using CBD products, especially if you have a chronic illness or are taking any prescription medication. 
  • CBD products may not be safe to take with medications that state “do not take with grapefruit” on the label.
  • Buy CBD products from online and reputable companies that do individual third-party testing for each CBD product and have higher customer satisfaction rates like CBDistillery or Green Roads.
  • Always check the label to ensure that your CBD product does not contain extra flavorings or ingredients that you are sensitive to.
  • Avoid using CBD oil made with MCT oil if you are allergic to coconuts or experience an upset stomach or queasiness after taking CBD oil made with MCT oil.
  • Using CBD oil or CBD topicals on your skin, hair, and nails is safe while pregnant or breastfeeding, but avoid oral consumption of CBD products during these periods.
  • Avoid using full-spectrum CBD products if you have to drive or operate machinery, Use CBD isolate or broad-spectrum products for the best experience.
  • If you are a beginner to CBD, make sure to follow the proper dosage guideline while taking any CBD product and don’t overdo it. 
  • Remember that CBD is not FDA-approved to treat any medical condition. You should avoid replacing proven treatments and medical care with CBD. 

Final Thoughts

CBD is a new compound and there is limited research and information available regarding its side effects but they are generally pretty minimal and well-tolerated.

While most people will feel nothing but good things while taking CBD, some may experience mild symptoms of dehydration, decreased appetite, and drowsiness, which can get better after a few days of consistent CBD use.

Make sure that the CBD products you are using come from a reputable company and if you take any medication or feel any symptoms regarding the use of CBD, consult your doctor.


The information in this article is intended for general use only and may not always be appropriate for everyone’s needs. Your health and wellness are unique to you, so before acting on anything we say, seek personalized advice from a medical professional.

We value the accuracy and editorial integrity of all our articles, and we strive to ensure that the content we publish is accurate and up-to-date to the best of our knowledge.


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