5 Best CBD Tea of 2024: An Ultimate Guide

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There’s something uniquely comforting about sipping a warm cup of tea, whether it’s part of your morning ritual or a soothing way to unwind at the end of a long day. But now, imagine infusing that familiar comfort with the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD.

CBD tea, which is becoming increasingly popular among folks seeking both relaxation and wellness, is set to revolutionize your tea-drinking experience. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of CBD tea, exploring what it is, how it works, its benefits, and potential risks. We’ll also provide you with a carefully curated list of the 5 best CBD teas available in the market. 

Quick links to the 5 best CBD teas

  1. Zolt Tarim Peach Tea – Best full spectrum CBD tea
  2. Zolt Morning Lemon Tea – Best CBD isolate tea
  3. Neurogan CBD Tea – Most-potent CBD tea
  4. The Hemp Division Chamomile Mint Tea – Most-loved CBD tea
  5. The Hemp Division Holy Basil & Coconut Tea – Best CBD tea for sleep

What is CBD tea?

CBD tea is a beverage that combines the soothing properties of herbal tea with the potential therapeutic effects of CBD. It’s made by infusing tea leaves or herbs with CBD flowers, which are derived from the hemp plant.

A CBD tea either comes in a tea bag form, powder form, or a proper beverage form that you can just drink on the go.

Detailed review of the best CBD teas

Zolt Tarim Peach Tea

Zolt peach CBD tea image
Image source: Zolt
  • CBD Type: full-spectrum
  • CBD Strength: 20 mg per pack
  • Flavor: natural peach
  • Quantity: 10 pack
  • COA: available

If you’re looking for a CBD-infused tea that not only elevates your mood but also supports your overall well-being, try Zolt tarim peach CBD tea. 

In each pouch of tea, you’ll find a generous 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD, offering a perfect blend of relaxation.

But Zolt tea is more than just CBD; it’s a holistic wellness experience. Crafted with ingredients like organic amla fruit, astragalus, and reishi mushrooms, it combines nature’s finest ingredients to enhance your health journey. 

Moreover, the added natural caffeine, sourced from black and organic green tea further provides you with sustained energy that will keep you focused and vibrant all day long, without any sugar crash.

What makes Zolt CBD tea truly the best is its adaptability. Whether you prefer a soothing, warm cup or a refreshing, cold glass, this tea caters to your weather and personal preferences.

Zolt Morning Lemon Tea

Zolt Morning Lemon Tea CBD drink image
Image source: Zolt
  • CBD Type: CBD isolate
  • CBD Strength: 20 mg per pack
  • Flavor: lemon
  • Quantity: 10 pack
  • COA: available

When it comes to starting your day with vigor and vitality, look no further than Zolt morning lemon CBD tea; the ultimate blend of plant-based goodness.

Each pouch of this morning CBD tea is fueled with 20 mg of CBD isolate, offering a pure and calm start to your day. 

Additionally, it is infused with organic ingredients like guarana and antioxidants like stevia and citric acid. However, what sets this tea apart is the kick of natural caffeine sourced from organic green tea.

It provides a gentle, sustained boost that keeps you focused, and amps up your energy and your metabolism without the jittery side effects often associated with sugar or synthetic alternatives.

Neurogan CBD Tea

Neurogan CBD Tea
Image source: Neurogan
  • CBD Type: full-spectrum
  • CBD Strength: 45 mg per bag
  • Flavor: natural hemp
  • Quantity: 20 tea bags
  • COA: available

Neurogan CBD tea is a powerhouse of relaxation and wellness support that’s tailor-made for people looking for the best value. 

With a whopping 45 mg of full-spectrum CBD in every tea bag and a total of 900 mg in a 20-tea-bag box, you get a whole lot of CBD goodness without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s GMO-free, gluten-free, and free from artificial additives.

When you sip on Neurogan CBD tea, you will also experience a unique, soothing earthy flavor and aroma, which makes this an experience by itself. Moreover, this is also caffeine-free, making it the perfect companion for any time of day or night.

The Hemp Division Chamomile Mint CBD Tea

The Hemp Division Chamomile Mint CBD Tea image
Image source: The Hemp Division
  • CBD Type: full-spectrum
  • CBD Strength: 16 mg per sachet
  • Flavor: chamomile and mint
  • Quantity: 8 sachets
  • COA: available

When it comes to the most-loved CBD tea, The Hemp Division chamomile mint tea is the undisputed fan favorite. Boasting over 600 positive reviews and a multitude of happy customers. This CBD-infused tea has won hearts across the nation, and once you experience it, you’ll understand why.

Each serving of this tea is graced with a gentle 16 mg CBD hemp extract, making it the perfect choice for newcomers to the world of CBD or for those seeking a milder and more approachable CBD tea to start their day with. 

But this tea is so much more than CBD; it’s a holistic wellness experience, blending the soothing qualities of chamomile and the refreshing zing of peppermint that will help you unwind and relax after a stressful day. 

With 8 sachets in every box, you’ll have ample opportunities to relish this calming experience. The Hemp Division also offers a 50-tea bag box option, ensuring that you are never in short supply.

The Hemp Division CBD Holy Basil & Coconut Tea

Image source: The Hemp Division
  • CBD Type: full-spectrum
  • CBD Strength: 25 mg per sachet
  • Flavor: holy basil and coconut
  • Quantity: 50 sachets
  • COA: available

When it comes to CBD-infused tea that will help you sleep, The Hemp Division holy basil & coconut CBD tea is a true crowd-pleaser, boasting over 300 rave reviews on their website. This tea has become an absolute favorite, cherished by countless customers.

With a gentle infusion of 25 mg of CBD-rich hemp extract in every serving and 50 sachets in every box, you’ll have an ample supply of this soothing tea. 

With a blend of organic moringa, turmeric, coconut pieces, holy basil, goji berries, and nutmeg, it’s a symphony of ingredients that helps promote a restful night’s sleep.

How did we choose these CBD tea?

We evaluated several CBD tea options on the market and used a set of criteria to identify the best ones. Here’s a breakdown of the criteria and methodology we used:

  1. Source of CBD: We gave utmost importance to the source of CBD. CBD tea brands that use organic, non-GMO hemp and employ responsible farming practices received higher marks. The quality of CBD heavily depends on the hemp source.
  2. Tea quality: To ensure a delightful tea-drinking experience, we assessed the quality of the tea itself. This included the flavor, aroma, and overall experience that each blend offered. 
  3. Flavor variety: We also acknowledged the diverse preferences of tea enthusiasts. CBD tea brands that provided a wide range of flavors and tea types, from black to green to herbal, were prioritized.
  4. Customer reviews: The real test comes from consumers. We scrutinized customer reviews and testimonials to gauge overall satisfaction and the actual experiences of people who’ve tried CBD tea.
  5. Transparency and testing: CBD brands that were open about their production processes, ingredients, and third-party testing practices earned our trust. Transparency is crucial in the CBD industry, where quality and safety are paramount.

Through our meticulous selection process, we ensured that the CBD teas featured in this list met high standards of quality, taste, and safety. 

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Is CBD tea safe?

CBD is safe for most people when used responsibly. However, make sure that you shop for CBD tea only from reputable brands, and don’t forget to check the COA (certificate of analysis) which mentions the CBD content and other ingredients that are present in a tea.

CBD tea also offers precise dosage control, as a tea bag clearly defines CBD content per serving, this will enable you to manage your daily intake according to your specific preferences and needs. 

So, as long as you follow the prescribed dosage requirements and use high-quality CBD tea with ingredients you are not sensitive to, you won’t have to be concerned about safety. 

However, you should consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking other medications before using a CBD tea.

How does CBD tea work?

CBD tea works by engaging with your body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system), which is made up of receptors. These receptors are responsible for various functions in your body including mood, sleep, pain perception, and immune system.

CBD regulates these receptors and helps them reach a state of homeostasis leading to a range of benefits.

However, with CBD tea, the effects often take time to manifest as your body needs to digest the tea and absorb its CBD content. Additionally, the other ingredients in the tea can also complement the effects of CBD.

What are the benefits of CBD tea?

  1. Stress and anxiety reduction: By modulating neurotransmitter release and receptors related to anxiety, CBD tea can induce a sense of relaxation, making it an ideal choice if you are seeking relief from the pressures of daily life.
  2. Sleep support: By regulating sleep-wake cycles and enhancing relaxation, CBD tea can also help improve your sleeping habits and their quality, making it an ideal choice if you are dealing with sleep issues or seeking better rest at night.
  3. Pain and inflammation management: CBD tea’s impact on the ECS can also reduce pain perception and inflammation in your body, making it your potential companion for managing minor discomforts of daily life.
  4. Enhanced focus and clarity: CBD tea can also support mental clarity, concentration, and focus by reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a sense of calmness.
  5. Antioxidant properties: Many tea varieties used in CBD tea blends, such as green or herbal teas, are rich in antioxidants. These compounds can help combat oxidative stress and promote overall health, further enhancing the wellness potential of CBD tea.

What are the side effects of CBD tea?

CBD has a very strong safety profile, with little to no side effects in most cases, and even more so if you are taking CBD in tea form. However, some individuals may experience mild and temporary effects, such as:

  1. Digestive issues: A high dosage of poor-quality CBD, when consumed in any form, can occasionally lead to mild digestive discomfort, including diarrhea. Consuming an adequate dosage of high-quality CBD tea will help you avoid this issue.
  2. Changes in appetite: Some people may notice alterations in their appetite when taking CBD tea for the first time. However, these changes are usually temporary.

The likelihood of experiencing side effects from CBD tea is extremely unlikely, and you can avoid them if you use good quality CBD tea in adequate dosages.

What is the best time to drink CBD tea?

You can enjoy CBD tea depending on your preferences and the benefits you are seeking. You can drink CBD tea whenever you find yourself in need of a moment of relaxation and stress relief.

As a daily wellness routine, you can either start your day with a CBD tea with a sense of calmness or you can drink it in the evening after a work day just to unwind and relax, or do both to get the most out of it.

It’s worth noting that CBD tea is non-addictive, but it is essential to start with a low dose when trying it for the first time and gradually adjust the dosage to find the right balance that suits your lifestyle.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re new to CBD or a seasoned user, CBD tea can be the perfect addition to your daily wellness routine.

It is a delightful way to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD in a soothing and familiar form. While the market offers a variety of options, our list of CBD teas will give you insight into the best available options.

Just remember to always choose high-quality CBD tea from reputable brands to ensure a safe experience.


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