8 Best CBD Chocolates from Top Brands in 2023

CBD chocolate

CBD Chocolate is one of the most amazing and delicious ways to experience the goodness of CBD, just take a bite and let the calmness begin.

With a CBD chocolate bar, you are not only experiencing the goodness of CBD but that of chocolate too, and similar to CBD, chocolates are known to offer many benefits, and together they make a perfect combination of feel-good treats that you just can’t resist.

Although there is a huge gap between the supply and demand of CBD chocolate, as not a lot of brands sell CBD chocolate edibles in the market, however, a few good ones do.

In this article, we have mentioned all the best quality CBD chocolate from top brands that you can shop online in 2023.

Quick links for the 8 best CBD chocolates

  1. oHHo CBD Chocolates – Best CBD chocolate
  2. Green Roads CBD Chocolate Bar: Best CBD dark chocolate
  3. Sugar & Kush CBD Chocolate Bar: Best CBD chocolate combo
  4. CBD Living CBD Chocolate Bar: Most loved CBD chocolate
  5. Five CBD Chocolate Squares: Most potent CBD chocolate
  6. Lulu’s CBD Chocolate Bar: Best full spectrum CBD chocolate
  7. Winged Women’s Dark Chocolate Bites: Best CBD chocolate for women
  8. Lulu’s CBD Truffles: Best CBD chocolate truffles

How did we choose the best CBD chocolate?

While looking for the CBD chocolates, we vetted many CBD brands and only considered the ones that met our standards of quality, purity, and transparency; which include:

  • Availability of the COA (certificate of analysis) of the CBD chocolate or Lab Test results from a reputed third party must be available. 
  • CBD chocolate must be farm bill compliant and contain less than 0.3% of THC.
  • We checked whether the CBD chocolate is free of preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, metal solvents, and other harmful contaminants.
  • We considered the CBD company’s brand image and only included the ones with good reputations and the highest customer satisfaction rate.
  • We also considered the source of hemp, CBD extraction process, manufacturing process, and product prices.
  • We read the customer reviews of each CBD chocolate to know whether the people liked it or not.
  • We also checked whether a company has an adequate shipping process and a customer support team.

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Pricing guide

  • Under $10 = $
  • Between $11 to $20 = $$
  • Over 20$ = $$$

Detailed review of the 8 best CBD chocolates

oHHo CBD Chocolates

oHHo CBD Chocolates
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum
  • CBD Strength: 200 mg in total
  • Flavor: Milk or dark chocolates
  • Quantity: 64 grams per bar
  • Price: $$$
  • COA: Available
  • Customer Review: “I ordered one of the daytime and one night time products to test, so I have a personal experience to share with potential clients and recruits. Outstanding! The daytime product keeps me on an even keel from mild anxiety, and the nighttime helps me fall asleep faster.”

oHHo CBD chocolates are currently the best CBD chocolates we could find.

They are perfect for every occasion, as they come in the flavors of milk and dark chocolates, which can be further categorized into daytime use which will help you tackle your day with ease and nighttime use also contain a cannabinoid “CBN” that will help you take a good night sleep.

oHHo is one of those rare CBD brands that make a CBD chocolate for sleep.

These chocolates contain 200 mg of CBD in total which is divided into 8 chocolate squares, where each chocolate square will offer 25 mg of the full spectrum which is perfect for most individuals fulfilling their daily CBD needs.

Moreover, these chocolates are non-GMO, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and made with organically grown ingredients.

Green Roads CBD Chocolate Bar

Green Roads CBD Chocolate bar
  • CBD Type: CBD Isolate
  • CBD Strength: 180 mg of CBD per bar (15 mg per piece)
  • Flavor: Dark Chocolate (62% cacao)
  • Quantity: 42 grams
  • Price:
  • COA: Available
  • Customer Review: “This CBD chocolate is the best tasting CBD product I’ve had! The way they created a blend between the chocolate and CBD makes it perfect. It’s also really effective and does not have any adverse effects.”

Green Roads CBD chocolate bar is one of the best CBD chocolates we could find in the industry. The chocolate comes with a CBD isolate formula that is mixed with a 62% cacao bar making it the most amazing and delicious way to start or end your day on a good note. 

Moreover, these hand-crafted, artisanal CBD chocolate is one of the unique selling products from Green Roads that will not only fulfill your cravings for chocolate but help you deal with your stress, let you wind down for the day, and improve your overall quality of life, plus it’s also vegan.

Each bar of this dark CBD chocolate can be divided into 12 bite-size pieces and with each piece offering 12 to 18 mg of CBD goodness that is sufficient for most people, and there is no harm in eating a couple more. 

Sugar & Kush CBD Chocolate Bar

Sugar & Kush CBD Chocolate Bar
  • CBD Type: CBD Isolate
  • CBD Strength: 250 mg of CBD per bar (20 mg per piece)
  • Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Cookies & Cream Chocolate.
  • Quantity: 48 grams per bar
  • Price: $$
  • COA: Available
  • Customer Review: “Fantastic chocolate, with even better results! Helps me sleep better with just a few squares when necessary.”

Sugar and Kush is another big CBD brand that sells a wide variety of the best CBD chocolates, including this  CBD chocolate combo which is the most popular of the bunch.

Each bar is loaded with the goodness of 250 mg of CBD isolate. Additionally, these handcrafted CBD chocolates are made with all-natural ingredients and offer a delicious, creamy texture that any chocolate lover will appreciate.

Each chocolate bar from Sugar and Kush comes with 12 serving pieces, where each piece offers around 20 mg of CBD goodness that is enough to melt your stress away and put you in a good mood instantly. 

CBD Living CBD Chocolate Bar

  • CBD Type: Broad Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Strength: 200 mg of CBD per bar (25 mg per piece)
  • Flavors: Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate
  • Quantity: 26 grams
  • Price: $$
  • COA: Available
  • Customer Review: “THE BEST CBD CHOCOLATE OUT THERE!! It is an amazing product, not only does it taste fantastic but it really does relax me to the point to allow myself to fall asleep.”

CBD Living’s CBD chocolate bar is one of the most loved CBD chocolates out there. It comes in two variants of milk and dark CBD chocolate; both are equally delicious and effective.

The CBD chocolate bar contains 200 mg of THC-free broad spectrum CBD which is perfect for most individuals as the company uses a unique self-emulsifying technology that decreases the particle size of CBD to increase its absorption in the body which gives the maximum benefits.

This THC-free CBD chocolate bar comes in 8 serving pieces, where each piece offers 25 mg of CBD, and it is non-GMO, gluten-free, and made from all-natural ingredients.

Five CBD Chocolate Squares

Five Milk Chocolate CBD
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Strength: 500 mg of CBD & 20 mg of THC per bag
  • Flavor: Dark Chocolate & Milk Chocolate
  • Quantity: 100 grams
  • Price: $$$
  • COA: Available
  • Customer Review: “Super yummy chocolates, featuring the perfect amount of CBD and THC! They come individually wrapped and made for perfect presents for friends & family. These will leave you feeling blissed out and wanting more – you won’t regret trying!”

Five CBD chocolate squares are one of the most potent full spectrum CBD chocolate on our list, where each piece of chocolate offers a strong 50 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC that will definitely make you feel the bliss of CBD.

Additionally, with Five CBD, you can choose either between milk and dark CBD chocolate or you can try both at a discounted price.

These delicious and effective CBD treats may cost more than the other CBD chocolates but their prices are well justified considering the strength of full spectrum CBD in it.

Lulu’s CBD Chocolate Bar

Lulu’s CBD Chocolate Bar
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Strength: 80 mg of CBD per bar (20 mg per piece)
  • Flavor: Dark Chocolate (70% cacao)
  • Price: $ – $$$
  • COA: Available
  • Customer Review: “I love my Lulu’s Artisan Chocolate with CBD – my wife is quite fond of it, too! I appreciate all the goodness in every bite and in every bar.”

Lulu’s is a CBD brand that specializes in CBD chocolates which are loved by hundreds of people, their CBD dark chocolates are made with 70% cacao and the CBD used in these comes from high-quality Colorado sun-grown hemp.

These CBD chocolates come in 4 serving pieces and each piece offers 20 mg of full spectrum CBD that is further mixed with extra terpenes to increase the benefits of CBD.

Winged Women’s Dark Chocolate Bites

Winged Women’s Dark Chocolate Bites
  • CBD Type: Full Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Strength: 720 mg of CBD per box (30 mg per piece)
  • Flavor: Dark Chocolate
  • Price: $$$
  • COA: Available
  • Customer Review: “What a blessing these are. Delicious and so relaxing. I work in a high stress job and some days these are life savers. I take two before bed and sleep like a baby. Thank you, thank you.”

Winged Women’s CBD dark chocolates are designed to keep the health of women in mind and apart from the amazing benefits of 30 mg of full spectrum CBD, this chocolate also contains Hibiscus that is known to boost the immune system, Maca will help with hormone production, mood and stress management, and the 5-HTP which is a happy neurotransmitter that helps with maintaining a positive mood.

A pack of these CBD dark chocolates comes with 24 bite-size pieces and they are crafted with love and perfection that will not only taste good but will also benefit you in so many ways.

Lulu’s CBD Truffles

Lulu’s CBD chocolate Truffles
  • CBD Type: Broad Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Strength: 35 to 60 mg of CBD per pack
  • Flavor: Dark Chocolate (78% cacao)
  • Quantity: 42 grams
  • Price: $ – $$$
  • COA: Available
  • Customer Review: “These CBD truffles are not only delicious, but they also definitely help with sleep. After one truffle, I felt relaxed and sleepy, and I had one of the best night’s sleep that I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend!”

Lulu’s is one of the few companies that specializes in making delicious CBD chocolate edibles, and like their dark chocolate, these THC-free CBD truffles are a treat that you will love.

The company uses Colorado-grown hemp to produce high-quality CBD, and a single serving of CBD truffles comes with the goodness of broad-spectrum CBD that can range from 35 to 60 mg, depending on your preference.

What to expect after taking CBD chocolates?

CBD chocolates are nothing but simple chocolates that are infused with the goodness of CBD. CBD, short for “cannabinoid” is a natural, non-psychoactive compound that can be found in a cannabis or hemp plant that offers a long list of benefits.

A CBD chocolate can offer the following benefits to its users, including:

  • CBD chocolate can help reduce pain and inflammation.
  • It can help maintain a balanced mood.
  • It can provide relief for anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • It can help reduce certain symptoms of mental disorders.
  • It also has neuroprotective properties.
  • CBD can help with sleep and insomnia and can also promote a healthy sleeping cycle.
  • A CBD chocolate may also increase sexual pleasure and promote a healthy sex life.
  • It can help decrease the addiction to tobacco and heroin to some extent.

You may experience the following benefits of CBD chocolates, however, CBD takes time to work so you may not feel the effects of CBD only after using it a couple of times but once CBD builds in your system, its effects will show.

With all these great benefits, there are certain side effects of CBD, which include:

  • CBD can interact with other medicines, especially the ones with that mentioned “grapefruit” warning, as it can either increase or decrease the effects of that medicine which can be harmful. Avoid using CBD chocolate with other medications and consult a healthcare professional before using CBD in any form.
  • There are few reported cases where CBD can cause nausea, cottonmouth, and mild fatigue or dizziness, however, these side effects are very rare and generally passes once your body adjusts to CBD.

According to a study, CBD is a very safe and effective compound.

How long does it take to feel the effects of CBD chocolate?

Like any CBD edible, it can take up to 30 minutes to an hour for the effects of CBD chocolate to show. Although, the quantity, quality, and potency of the CBD chocolate, recent food intake, and your metabolism also play a huge factor in determining this.

The effects of CBD chocolate can last somewhere between four to eight hours, however, CBD can stay in your system for up to five days from the last consumption.

If you are taking CBD chocolates for the first time, know that it can take up to a couple of days to a week to see the effects for any symptoms, because CBD works by regulating and balancing your body’s endocannabinoid system which can take some time to adjust to CBD. 

What is the shelf life of CBD chocolate?

Most CBD chocolates come with the average shelf life mentioned on the package description, however, if you keep the chocolates in a cool and dry place then they can last up to a couple of months, but let’s face it, at most you are going to finish a single bar of chocolate within a month.

If you are planning to use a single bar of CBD chocolate for more than a month then it’s better that you opt for CBD gummies as they have a better packing and a longer shelf life than CBD chocolates.

What is the right dosage of CBD chocolate?

CBD works differently for everyone, so the right dosage of CBD chocolate can varies greatly from person to person and the reason for CBD use, however, for most people who are using a CBD chocolate for general wellness or to manage minor symptoms like mood, stress, and sleep; the right dosage can be somewhere between 10 mg to 50 mg of CBD per day.

However, if you are using a CBD chocolate to manage anxiety, depression, seizures, or PTSD then you will require a larger dosage.

It’s important to know that you can not overdose on CBD and according to a study, CBD is safe and can be tolerated by humans even at a dosage of 1500 mg per day, so you certainly binge on a full CBD chocolate bar without any worry, however, taking a huge amount of CBD will not increase its benefits. 

To get the most out of CBD chocolates, try to find the right dosage of CBD that works for you.

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Final thoughts

CBD chocolates are one of the most amazing wellness products that we have come across, you get the wide range of benefits of both chocolates and CBD in one. 

They are the perfect CBD edibles to start or finish your day, take a bite and you are good to go. Try the oHHo CBD chocolate if you’re having trouble deciding; it’s incredibly good and provides the best value.

Nevertheless, CBD is still new and is not regulated by the FDA yet, so exercise caution when purchasing CBD chocolate. For the best experience, try to shop online and from the best CBD brands, and always check the COA (Lab Tests) of any CBD chocolate you buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD chocolates legal?

CBD is federally legal in the US. However, a few states have imposed restrictions on the use of Full Spectrum CBD products, however, Broad Spectrum or CBD Isolates chocolates are legal everywhere. Check the current CBD law of your state.

Can you eat CBD chocolates every day?

There is no risk of abuse or overdose associated with CBD so you can eat CBD chocolate every day without any worry. In fact, if you are using CBD chocolates for health or general wellness purposes then for the best results, it is recommended that you take CBD every day.

What are the types of CBD?

There are three types of CBD:

  1. Full Spectrum CBD contains whole plant extract including a wide range of Cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBD, and up to 0.3% of THC), Terpenes, and Flavonoids.
  2. Broad Spectrum CBD contains a wide range of Cannabidiol and Terpenes except for THC.
  3. CBD Isolate contains pure CBD only.

Can CBD chocolates make you high?

CBD chocolates cannot make you high, no matter the amount you take. High is only caused by the Cannabinoid “THC”, however, certain Full Spectrum CBD chocolates can contain up to 0.3% of THC but it is too small to lead to any psychoactive effects.

Can CBD chocolates show up in a drug test?

Full Spectrum CBD chocolates can contain a small amount of THC, so they may test positive in a Cannabis drug test screening. However, CBD isolates and Broad Spectrum CBD chocolates are free from THC, so they will not come up in any kind of drug test.

Can you travel with CBD chocolates?

Within the United States, you can travel with CBD chocolates that contain less than 0.3% of THC, however, if you are flying with CBD then the proper TSA rules very much apply.


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