4 Best-Selling CBD Oils from Top Brands

Best-Selling CBD Oils

Curious about trying CBD oil for your well-being? In the realm of CBD products, CBD-infused oil takes center stage. But with numerous options flooding the market, finding the right one can be a bit challenging.

In this case, opting for a best-selling CBD oil from a trusted brand is a wise move for those looking for a reliable choice.

In this article, we explore some of the top-selling CBD oils in the market and offer insights to help you make an informed decision.

Quick links for the best-selling CBD oils

  1. CBDistillery’s CBD Oil: Best-selling full spectrum CBD oil
  2. Green Roads CBD Oil: Best-selling broad spectrum CBD oil
  3. Sugar & Kush’s Cotton Candy CBD Oil: Best-selling CBD isolate oil
  4. Calm by Wellness CBD+CBN Oil: Best-selling CBD oil for sleep

What is a best selling CBD oil?

Best-selling CBD oil refers to a hemp-derived CBD oil product that has gained significant popularity and trust among consumers, leading to high sales and positive reviews. These oils are often the most popular product of the brands due to their effectiveness, quality, and reliability.

Choosing a best-selling CBD oil can provide a sense of confidence, as it suggests that many users have found the product beneficial.

Detailed reviews of the best selling CBD oils

CBDistillery’s CBD Oil

CBDistillery CBD Oil image
  • CBD Type: Full spectrum
  • Potency: 1000 mg 
  • Quantity: 30ml
  • Flavor: Natural
  • Price: $60.00
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $75.00
  • Returns: within 60 days

What we like:

CBDistillery stands out in the crowded CBD market, boasting a broad range of products and 2 million satisfied users, solidifying its status as one of the CBD industry giants.

Among their impressive offerings, their best-selling CBD oil shines with distinct appeal. Crafted with simplicity and purity in mind, CBDistillery’s CBD oil is a testament to minimalism.

It contains just two ingredients: MCT oil derived from fractionated coconut oil and a potent 1000 mg of full-spectrum CBD. This blend is conveniently packaged in a 30ml portable bottle, ensuring accessibility for users on the go.

Each serving delivers approximately 33 ml of CBD, an ideal CBD dosage for most users.

What customers say:

With over 3600 reviews on the website, customers praise CBDistillery oil for its effectiveness and reliability.

Many users express satisfaction with its ability to support their overall well-being, from aiding in movement and sleep to relieving stress and body aches.

Customers appreciate the mild and pure flavor, as well as the consistent effectiveness of the oil. The subscription service receives positive feedback for its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Additionally, customers highlight the excellent customer service and transparency regarding third-party lab testing, enhancing trust in the product.


  • Pure CBD oil contains only two ingredients.
  • Each serving provides 33 mg of CBD, an ideal dosage for most people.
  • Great subscription program.
  • High customer satisfaction and positive reviews.


  • Some customers have experienced slow shipping.

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads CBD Oil image
  • CBD Type: Broad spectrum
  • Potency: 750 mg 
  • Quantity: 30 ml
  • Flavors: Original, Apple Kiwi Bliss, Mint Breeze
  • Price: $69.99
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $59.99
  • Returns: within 30 days

What we like:

Green Roads stands as a key player in the realm of CBD, offering an impressive lineup of pharmacist-formulated CBD products that are known for their quality and affordability.

Among their offerings, the Green Roads CBD oil emerges as a best-seller, offering a potent formula that delivers 750 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in a 30 ml bottle, providing 25 mg of THC-free CBD goodness in each serving.

Notably, the oil is made to be gluten-free, vegan, and free from artificial colors and flavors. Green Roads also presents many options beyond the flagship 750 mg broad-spectrum CBD oil. Alternatives include a full spectrum CBD variant with a milder 300 mg potency option and a strong 1500 mg of CBD.

It also comes with two unique flavor options; apple kiwi bliss and mint breeze, making the oil delicious.

What customers say: 

With over 3000 reviews on the website, customers praise Green Roads oil for its effectiveness in promoting relaxation and relieving pain.

Many users report improvements in various aspects of their lives, from reducing joint pain to managing stress and anxiety.

Customers also appreciate the pleasant taste of the oil and its ability to help them sleep better without feeling drowsy in the morning. 

Positive feedback is also given to Green Road’s customer service and shipping speed. 


  • The oil is gluten-free, vegan, and free from artificial colors and flavors.
  • Offers a range of options including 300 mg, 750 mg. and 1500 mg variants.
  • Two unique flavor options: apple kiwi bliss and mint breeze.


  • The price could be more affordable.

Sugar & Kush’s Cotton Candy CBD Oil

Sugar & Kush’s Cotton Candy CBD Oil
  • CBD Type: CBD isolate
  • Potency: 500 mg, 1000 mg, 3000 mg
  • Quantity: 30 ml
  • Flavor: Cotton Candy
  • Price: $44.95 – $119.95 
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $50.00
  • Returns: within 30 days

What we like:

Sugar & Kush has made a significant mark in the CBD industry, recognized for producing top-notch CBD products with exceptional customer service. Among their offerings, the Cotton Candy CBD oil stands out as a best-selling gem.

This CBD oil features a pure CBD isolate formula, blended with MCT oil and a delicious natural flavor of cotton candy. It comes in a 30 ml bottle, and you can choose between three CBD potency options: a milder 500 mg for beginners, 1000 mg, and a potent 3000 mg for more experienced users.

Beyond its delicious taste, the oil has a keto-friendly profile. It is also GMO-free and gluten-free.

What customers say:

With over 1200 reviews on the website, customers praise Sugar & Kush oil for its effectiveness in relieving anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Many users appreciate the cotton candy flavor, finding it enjoyable to consume.

Positive feedback is given to the product’s ability to help with sleep quality. Customers also commend the company’s helpful customer service.


  • The unique flavor of cotton candy.
  • Available in three CBD potency options: 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg.
  • Keto-friendly, GMO-free, and gluten-free.
  • Incredible customer service.


  • Some users find the product expensive.

Calm by Wellness CBD+CBN Oil

  • CBD Type: Broad Spectrum
  • Potency: 1000 mg CBD + 90 mg CBN
  • Quantity: 30 ml
  • Flavor: Blueberry Lavender
  • Price: $99.99
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on this order
  • Returns: within 30 days

What we like:

Calm by Wellness Oil is a top-selling CBD oil designed to elevate your sleep experience. Infused with 1000 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 90 mg of CBN, a cannabinoid known for promoting natural sleep, this oil is expertly formulated to enhance the quality and depth of your rest.

Apart from CBD, this oil incorporates organic and natural ingredients known for their relaxing and sleep-promoting properties such as lavender, chamomile, jasmine, lemon grass, and ho-wood.

Notably, it is non-GMO and gluten-free.

What customers say:

With over 500 reviews on the website, customers praise Calm by Wellness oil for its effectiveness in improving sleep quality.

Many users report experiencing better sleep after incorporating this oil into their nightly routine.

Customers also appreciate the pleasant taste and smell of the oil, which comes from natural ingredients. Positive feedback is given to using terpenes and CBN instead of melatonin in the formula, making it suitable for those who do not tolerate melatonin well. 


  • Made with organic and natural ingredients.
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free.
  • Pleasant taste and smell derived from real ingredients.
  • Uses terpenes and CBN instead of melatonin, for promoting sleep.


  • May take some time to start working for some users.
  • Pricey compared to other CBD sleep products.

How did we choose these oils?

In our search for the best-selling CBD oils, we conducted a thorough analysis of various CBD brands. Here’s what we considered:

1. Company reputation: We exclusively selected CBD oil companies that have positive reputations in the industry.

2. Customer reviews: Only CBD oils with overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers made our list.

3. Hemp source and extraction: We carefully examined the origin of the hemp, the methods used for CBD extraction, and the overall manufacturing processes to ensure the quality of CBD oil.

4. Certificate of Analysis (COA): We verified the availability of lab reports, including COAs, from third-party laboratories to authenticate the oil’s quality and purity.

5. Contaminant-free formulation: We confirmed that the selected CBD oils were free from pesticides, GMOs, metal solvents, and other harmful contaminants, prioritizing consumer safety.

6. Shipping process and customer support: We evaluated the effectiveness of the CBD company’s shipping procedures and the competency of its customer support team to ensure a smooth customer experience.

For further insights, explore our CBD Buyers Guide.

How to use CBD oil?

Here are a few things to consider when using CBD oil:

1. Shake the bottle: Before using the CBD oil, shake the bottle well. This ensures an even distribution of cannabinoids throughout the oil.

2. Use the dropper: Most CBD oils come with a dropper for precise dosing. Squeeze the rubber bulb and release it while the dropper is in the oil to draw the liquid into the pipette.

3. Administer Sublingually: Place the desired dosage of CBD oil under your tongue. Hold the oil under your tongue for about 30 seconds to 1 minute before swallowing. This allows for faster absorption through the sublingual blood vessels.

4. Mix with food or beverage: Alternatively, you can mix CBD oil with food or non-alcoholic beverages. Adding it to your favorite recipes or drinks can make the consumption more enjoyable.

5. Timing matters: The timing of CBD oil consumption can impact its effects. Some people prefer taking it in the morning for a boost of energy, while others find it more suitable in the evening for relaxation and sleep. 

6. Consistency is key: Consistency is important when using CBD oil. Try to incorporate it into your routine regularly for better effects.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right CBD oil can be a transformative step toward well-being. The best-selling CBD oils mentioned here have garnered not only popularity but trust from thousands of satisfied users. 

Remember, when embarking on your CBD journey, consider factors such as the product’s source, purity, and user reviews. It’s always wise to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

With the growing popularity and positive testimonials surrounding these best-selling CBD oils, you can confidently explore the benefits of CBD and enhance your overall wellness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD oil legal?

Hemp-derived CBD oil is federally legal in the US. However, a few states have imposed restrictions on the use of full-spectrum CBD oil. Check the current CBD law of your state.

Can you take CBD oil every day?

There is no risk of abuse or overdose associated with CBD. For best results, it is recommended that you take CBD oil every day.

Can CBD oil make you high?

CBD oil cannot make you high, no matter the amount you take. High is only caused by the cannabinoid “THC”. However, certain Full spectrum CBD oil can contain up to 0.3% of THC but it is too small to lead to any psychoactive effects.

Can CBD oil show up in a drug test?

Full Spectrum CBD oil contain a small amount of THC, so they may test positive in a cannabis drug test screening. However, CBD isolates and broad spectrum CBD oils are free from THC, so they will not come up in any kind of drug test.


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