Why is CBD Expensive? Exploring the factors behind its cost

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Ever wondered why CBD products carry a hefty price tag?  Derived from hemp plants, CBD is a natural compound that provides benefits like relaxation, stress and anxiety relief, sleep promotion, and the improvement of overall well-being. 

But why the cost? 

Well, extracting CBD from the hemp plant is an intricate process that demands specialized equipment and skilled professionals, making it a resource-intensive task. Moreover, adding to the cost is the compliance with strict regulations to maintain the quality standards, which are required to produce high-quality CBD

Also, cultivating CBD-rich hemp is not an easy process, as this requires high-quality seeds and following strict agricultural regulations. The growing demand for CBD products with a limited supply, along with the ongoing research and innovation adds to the costs too. 

Though some CBD products can seem expensive, most reflect the investment made to ensure quality, safety, and the potential benefits that CBD brings to your well-being.

Let’s understand this more clearly. 

Why is CBD expensive?

As an old saying goes, “good things come at a price,” and CBD is no exception. The compound is quite popular these days but for some people, their prices can be a bit much. 

This is because of the several factors that contribute to the high price attached to CBD products, such as: 

  1. Extraction process: CBD is extracted from hemp plants using specialized methods such as CO2 or solvent extraction, which requires expensive equipment and expertise. 
  2. Quality: Strict regulations and quality control also contribute to the high prices of CBD, since it is not regulated by the FDA (food and drug association). To ensure that CBD products meet legal requirements and quality standards, they undergo rigorous testing and compliance processes by a third party. Thus, adding to the overall cost.  
  3. Competitive market: Branding and marketing cost are other contributing factor that adds to the rising cost of CBD. As not many people know about the true potential of CBD, many brands spent a fortune in spreading awareness about this natural compound. 

Why is CBD more expensive than weed?

In many places, you can notice that weed (cannabis) which is a federally illegal compound is a bit pricer than hemp-derived CBD, which is legal, so why is that? 

There are a few factors that contribute to the price differences between the two –

  1. Cultivation and regulation: Growing CBD-rich hemp plants requires meticulous farming practices. This includes the selection of specific strains and adherence to strict regulations. On the other hand, growing weed involves cultivating THC-rich strains with psychoactive effects, which mostly do not require such strict adherence. 
  2. Extraction and manufacturing processes: As we know CBD is extracted using CO2 or solvent extraction method which requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians, adding to the overall cost of the CBD. On the contrary, weed does not undergo any of these steps, which further helps in saving the cost.
  3. Regulatory factors: CBD and weed fall under different regulatory frameworks. In many regions, weed remains illegal or tightly regulated, which limits its production and distribution but the legal states have fewer restrictions. Whereas CBD enjoys greater legal acceptance and accessibility. However, it must comply with state law with lab testing, accurate labeling, and strict quality control measures. Thus, adding to the production costs of CBD products.
  4. Market demand and supply: The demand for CBD has surged in recent years due to its potential wellness benefits and non-intoxicating nature. This increased demand has outpaced the industry’s capacity to produce and distribute CBD products, resulting in higher prices. On the other hand, traditional marijuana, with its THC-rich properties, has a more established market and a much greater supply, leading to relatively lower prices. 
  5. Research and development: CBD has garnered considerable attention in the scientific and medical communities, leading to ongoing research and development efforts. This includes clinical trials, exploring new formulations, and improving product efficacy. Hence, the costs associated with research and development, including extensive testing and clinical studies, also contribute to the higher price of CBD products.

Why is some CBD products more expensive than others?

If you’ve ever shopped for CBD, you may have seen certain CBD products from certain brands to be more expensive than the other brand’s products of similar strength. The reason is –

  1. The quality of CBD determines the price. So, the higher the quality of the CBD, the higher the price. However, you will have to note that not all high-priced CBD products are of high quality. So, do not forget to check the ingredients, the lab test papers, and the reviews, to ensure the product is worth your money. 
  2. The concentration of CBD affects the price. Products with higher CBD concentrations tend to be pricier since they require a larger quantity of hemp to produce. Additionally, many CBD brands invest in reputable third-party lab testing to verify the potency and purity, which adds to the overall cost.
  3. Packaging and marketing play a role in CBD pricing. As you know, consumers are attracted to well-designed and informative packaging. Brands put extensive marketing efforts into creating such eye-catching product labels and packaging designs. These require financial resources, which are added to the product’s price. On the contrary, cheap CBD brands may compromise on packaging and marketing to keep costs low.
  4. The reputation and brand recognition of a CBD company influence its pricing. Such as well-known established brands with a good track record of providing high-quality products can charge more for their added value, reputation, and customer trust.

Will CBD prices go down?

While the future of the prices of CBD can’t be predicted exactly, it’s safe to say that CBD prices will go down with time. The reason being:

  1. As more people become aware of the potential health benefits of CBD and its various applications, the market will continue to expand. With increased demand, new manufacturers will also continue to produce CBD products more efficiently and in larger quantities, which could lead to a reduction in prices. 
  2. As the CBD industry evolves, we could see more efficient CBD extraction methods and equipment being developed in the future, resulting in higher yields and reduced production costs. Which could lead to more affordable CBD products. 
  3. As government regulations of CBD become clearer and more standardized, it could create a more competitive landscape among manufacturers resulting in many brands emerging in the industry. While the increased competition often leads to competitive prices, as companies strive to attract customers with more affordable options.


The high cost of CBD can be attributed to various factors. The complex cultivation and extraction process, and quality standards, coupled with strict regulations result in a good quality CBD product justifies the cost.

However, despite its expense, people are investing in this natural compound due to its immense potential for wellness. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to research and compare different CBD brands, products, and prices to find the best balance between quality and affordability for your specific needs.

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