5 Strongest CBD Gummies to Try in 2024

Strongest CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the most delicious ways to take hemp-derived CBD. Unlike oils, they are hassle-free and allow for easy dosage and titration. However, their standard potency of 10 mg or 25 mg per gummy may not be enough for individuals with a high tolerance.

So, if you are looking for stronger CBD gummies than what’s typically available, this article is for you. Our thorough research has identified companies that are offering more potent CBD gummies than what’s usually available in the market.

Below, we present five of the strongest CBD gummies available for online purchase in 2024. 

Quick links for the strongest CBD gummies

  1. cbdMD CBD Gummies – Our choice for the strongest CBD gummies (200mg CBD/gummy)
  2. Binoid CBD + THC Gummies – Strongest full-spectrum gummies (50mg CBD + 10mg THC/gummy)
  3. Canna River Classic CBD Gummies – Strongest broad-spectrum gummies (100mg CBD/gummy)
  4. Medterra Sound Asleep Gummies – Strongest CBD gummies for sleep (50mg CBD + 5mg THC/gummy)
  5. Batch Gold Reserve Gummies – Strongest CBD + CBG gummies (50mg CBD + 25 mg CBG/gummy)

Detailed review of the strongest CBD gummies:

cbdMD CBD Gummies

cbdMD CBD Gummies
  • CBD type: Broad spectrum
  • Potency: 200mg CBD/gummy
  • Gummies per bottle: 60 count
  • Flavor: Mixed flavors of strawberry, orange, raspberry, and tropical fruit
  • Price: $109.99
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $59.99
  • Returns: within 60 days

What we like:

cbdMD CBD gummies offer an impressive 200 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per gummy and they come in 60 gummy boxes, making them among the strongest and most affordable options on the market. It is crafted by cbdMD, a reputable CBD brand known for its quality and customer service.

The CBD used in these gummies is extracted from premium US-grown hemp and they further go to third-party lab testing to ensure its quality and purity.

But the best part about these is that each bottle contains three mixed flavor options, ensuring a new taste with each gummy.

While the highest CBD content per gummy is 200 mg, the brand also provides less potent options of 100 mg per gummy but they are not as affordable.

These gummies are also vegan and gluten-free.

What customers say:

With over 600 positive reviews, customers praise cbdMD gummies for their effectiveness and quality. Many find their less potent 100 mg dosage perfect, while some say they experience benefits such as reduced stress, anxiety, inflammation, and improved sleep. Customers also commend the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Though some note a slight aftertaste, most agree that the gummies taste great and work well. Despite its over $100 price point, most customers are happy with their purchase because the gummy’s price-to-potency ratio makes it quite affordable.


  • Vegan and gluten-free.
  • A potent dosage of 100 mg and 200 mg per gummy.
  • Created by a reputable brand, cbdMD.
  • Extracted from premium US-grown hemp.
  • Lab-tested for quality and purity.
  • Available in THC-free broad-spectrum CBD extract with three delicious flavors.


  • Slightly higher price per box, but it is the most affordable given the CBD potency.
  • Some customers note a slight bitter taste.

Binoid CBD + THC Gummies

Binoid CBD + THC Gummies
  • CBD type: Full spectrum 
  • Potency: 50mg of CBD and 10mg of THC/gummy
  • Gummies per bottle: 20 count
  • Flavors: Mixed flavors, black raspberry, mango madness, fruit punch
  • Price: $32.99
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on all orders
  • Returns: within 30 days (for unused and unopened products)

What we like:

Binoid CBD + THC gummies stand out as a unique product, where each gummy contains 50mg of CBD and 10mg of delta-9 THC derived from hemp plants. With THC levels below the 0.3% threshold, these gummies are federally legal in the US.

These gummies are ideal for people seeking the benefits of CBD alongside mild psychoactive effects as these offer a subtle head and body buzz. The gummies provide a legal means to experience the effects of 10mg of THC.

Available in 20-gummy packs, these come in four delicious flavors consists of black raspberry, mango madness, fruit punch, and mixed flavors. 

However, individuals subject to drug tests should avoid these gummies, as the THC content may induce a “stoned” sensation and can also result in a positive as cannabis in a drug test.

What customers say:

With over 1300 positive reviews, many customers talk about these Binoid gummies. Many praise its pleasant buzz and anxiety-reducing effects.

Customers also appreciate the flavorful taste and gummy’s effect of providing relief against chronic pain and migraines. While a few people note challenges with opening the packaging.


  • A potent blend of 50mg CBD and 10mg delta 9 THC per gummy.
  • Ships to all 50 states of the US.
  • Provides mild psychoactive effects alongside CBD benefits.
  • Available in four delicious flavors.
  • Positive customer reviews praising its effectiveness and taste.


  • Not suitable for individuals subject to drug tests.
  • A few customers find the gummies box challenging to open.

Canna River Classic CBD Gummies

Canna River Classic CBD Gummies image
  • CBD Type: Broad spectrum 
  • Potency: 100mg CBD/gummy
  • Gummies per bottle: 30 count
  • Flavors: Strawberry mango, red berry, pink watermelon, passion orange mango
  • Price: $35.00
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on all orders 
  • Returns: within 60 days

What we like:

Canna River Classic CBD gummies offer a potent dosage of 100 mg of THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD per gummy. Available in four natural fruit flavors; strawberry mango, red berry, pink watermelon, and passion orange mango.

The CBD used in these gummies comes from hemp grown in non-GMO farms in the US. Additionally, they are gluten-free, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, and come in child-resistant yet easy-to-open zip lock bags for convenience and safety.

What customers say:

With over 180 positive reviews, customers praise Canna River gummies for their effectiveness and quality. People report experiencing relief from pain and improved sleep.

Some people note that they like to cut the gummies in half for better results, while others praise their delicious taste and anxiety-reducing effects.

Most customers appreciate the top-notch quality of Canna River’s products and customer service. 


  • A potent dose of 100mg THC-free CBD per gummy.
  • Affordable considering the potency and quantity.
  • Four natural fruit flavors to choose from.
  • Sourced from hemp grown in non-GMO farms in the US.
  • Gluten-free, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free.
  • Comes in a child-resistant yet easy-to-open zip lock bag.


  • A few customers note a slight aftertaste.

Medterra Sound Asleep Gummies

  • CBD Type: Full spectrum 
  • Potency: 50 mg CBD + 5 mg THC/gummy
  • Gummies per bottle: 20, 40, and 60 count
  • Flavor: Blackberry
  • Price: starts from $31.49
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $75.00
  • Returns: within 30 days

What we like:

Sound Asleep CBD gummies from Medterra are among the most potent CBD gummies designed to enhance sleep quality. Available in servings of 20, 40, and 60 counts per box, where each gummy contains 50 mg of full-spectrum CBD, 5 mg of THC, 3 mg of melatonin – a natural compound that notifies your body that it’s time to sleep and 100 mg of L-theanine – a natural amino acid found in tea leaves that promotes relaxation.

These carefully selected ingredients work together to create a powerful CBD gummy that can effectively aid even the most tolerant individual in achieving restful sleep.

The gummies are also made from organic ingredients and contain CBD from non-GMO hemp. They are also vegan and contain no artificial colors or flavors.

What customers say:

With over 250 positive reviews, customers praise Medterra gummies for their effectiveness in promoting sleep without causing grogginess upon waking. Many people mentioned significant improvements in sleep quality, with some reporting complete replacement of previous sleep aids with these gummies.

Customers also appreciate the rapid onset of effects, typically within 30 minutes of consumption. Despite some noting a slightly unpleasant taste, most agree that the benefits outweigh this minor inconvenience, and they recommend the product for achieving restful sleep.


  • A potent and affordable CBD gummy designed to improve sleep quality.
  • Available in servings of 20, 40, and 60 counts per box.
  • Made from organic ingredients.
  • Vegan and free from artificial colors and flavors.


  • Some customers mentioned a slightly unpleasant aftertaste.

Batch Gold Reserve Gummies

Batch potent CBD + CBG gummies image
  • CBD Type: Full spectrum 
  • Potency: 50 mg CBD + 25 mg CBG/gummy
  • Gummies per bottle: 30 count
  • Flavor: Tangerine
  • Price: $48.74
  • COA: Available
  • Shipping: Free on orders over $75.00
  • Returns: within 30 days

What we like:

Batch Gold Reserve CBD gummies offer a unique blend of 50mg CBD and 25mg CBG derived from non-GMO hemp grown in Wisconsin farms. Both CBD and CBG are hemp-derived cannabinoids. While CBG is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” that shows promise in providing various benefits, including anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antibacterial properties.

Despite its high potency, the gummies have a refreshing tangerine flavor.  They are crafted from organic ingredients and are vegan and gluten-free.

It’s important to note that these gummies contain soy and dairy, so individuals with allergies to these ingredients should avoid them.

What customers say:

With over 180 positive reviews, customers praise Batch gummies for their great taste and potent effects. Many people note improvements in managing anxiety and stress, experiencing relief from chronic pain, and feeling more relaxed without any psychoactive effects.

Customers appreciate the gummy’s convenience of dissolving quickly in the mouth and find them effective for daytime use. Some people also complimented the Batch’s subscription option. 


  • A potent blend of 50mg CBD and 25mg CBG per gummy.
  • Derived from non-GMO hemp grown in Wisconsin farms.
  • Vegan, gluten-free.
    Refreshing tangerine flavor.
  • No psychoactive effects, suitable for daytime use.
  • Highly recommended for taste and effectiveness.


  • Contains soy and dairy.
  • Expensive as compared to other CBD gummies on this list.
  • Limited flavor options compared to other brands.

How did we choose these gummies?

In our search for the strongest CBD gummies, we carefully assessed many brands, only considering those that met our strict criteria for quality and transparency. These criteria include:

1. Third-party lab testing: We made sure that reputable third-party labs had tested the listed CBD gummies to ensure they were of high quality. As confirmed by a detailed certificate of analysis (COA) available on the brand’s website.

2. Farm Bill compliance: All chosen CBD gummies adhered to the regulations outlined in the Farm Bill and contain less than 0.3% THC, ensuring their legality in the US.

3. Company reputation: Our evaluation process also considered the brand’s reputation, including its hemp sourcing, CBD extraction methods, manufacturing processes, pricing transparency, and feedback from customers.

4. Customer support and shipping: We ensured that each brand had reliable shipping procedures, a return policy, and a responsive customer support team capable of addressing any order-related concerns.

5. User reviews: We also looked at numerous customer reviews to gauge the mentioned CBD gummies’ overall effectiveness and satisfaction levels.

For more information, you can refer to our CBD buyers guide

Things to consider when shopping for strong CBD gummies

When shopping for potent CBD gummies, it’s crucial to consider several factors:

1. Your requirements: Ask yourself, why you want to use a potent CBD gummy. Whether you are looking to manage daily stress and pain or do you want to sleep better? Decide this and choose the gummy that fits your needs.

2. CBD brand: Many CBD brands populate the market, but not all maintain a reputation for providing quality products. Some have even received FDA warning letters, signaling potential issues. It’s advisable to avoid these brands.

Instead, choose a CBD company with a strong industry reputation and high customer satisfaction rates, as reflected in reviews and testimonials for real customers. 

3. Type of CBD extract: Decide whether you prefer a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate gummies. Each CBD extract type has merits and demerits, so choose one depending on your lifestyle and wellness goals.

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4. Ingredients: Ensure the gummies contain high-quality, natural ingredients, with CBD sourced from US-grown hemp plants. Avoid the gummies containing ingredients that you might be allergic to.

5. Price: With most products, quality often comes with a higher price tag. However, with CBD products, the prices greatly vary from brand to brand. So compare the price of different gummies as per their CBD potency to find the best value option.

What dosage of CBD gummies should you take?

For most people, a CBD dosage ranging from 10 mg to 50 mg a day works well for general wellness and minor health issues. However, individuals with a high tolerance might need a stronger dosage, which could range from 100 mg to 500 mg of CBD per day to notice an effect.

If you have a high tolerance and are trying CBD gummies for the first time, start with no more than 50 mg of CBD per day. Pay attention to how your body reacts over a couple of days, then adjust the dosage based on the results.

It’s common for people to feel like CBD isn’t working for them, but often it’s just a matter of finding the right dosage. Everyone’s body reacts differently to CBD, so it may take some time and experimentation to find what works best for you.

Be patient and consistent in finding your ideal CBD gummy dosage. Once you do, it will be worth the effort for your overall well-being.

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Is taking strong dosage of CBD gummies safe?

A 2017 study investigating the safety of CBD concluded that it is generally safe and effective for humans within a dosage range of 20 to 1,500 mg per day.

Based on this research, it’s reasonable to consider that taking a strong dosage of CBD gummies, such as up to 200 mg per day, is likely safe, provided the product is of high quality. However, it’s essential to note that exceeding your necessary dosage may not give additional benefits and could even become disadvantageous.

CBD demonstrates biphasic effects, meaning that increasing the dosage initially can enhance its benefits. However, beyond a certain point, further increases in dosage can lead to diminishing returns.

For an optimal experience, it’s advisable to start with a low CBD dosage and take them consistently at the same time each day for several days. Monitor how your body responds during this time. If you do not notice any improvement after a few days, consider slightly increasing the dosage and continue to observe.

Once you begin experiencing the desired benefits, it’s recommended to maintain that dosage without further increases. 

Image showing relationship between CBD strength and benefits
CBD's biphasic effect

What is the best time to take CBD gummies?

CBD gummies can be taken at any time, depending on your needs. They typically take 30 to 90 minutes to take effect and can last up to 4 to 8 hours.

If you’re using CBD gummies for managing everyday stress, anxiety, or pain, it’s best to take them in the morning after breakfast. For better sleep, take them 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. Or you can do both. Consistency is also important, so aim to take your gummy at the same time, each day.

It’s also recommended that you take CBD gummies with food. It will improve the absorption of CBD in your body. 

What are the benefits of CBD gummies?

CBD gummies offer several potential benefits, including:

1. Ease of use: They’re convenient and discreet, making them easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

2. Long-lasting effects: Gummies typically provide a slow release of CBD, offering sustained effects over several hours.

3. Precise dosage: Each gummy contains a pre-measured dose of CBD, allowing for accurate and consistent dosing.

4. Taste: CBD gummies come in various delicious flavors, making them a tasty option for those who dislike the natural taste of CBD oil.

5. Health and wellness benefits: CBD can offer numerous health and wellness benefits, including reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation, relieving pain and inflammation, improving sleep quality, and supporting overall well-being. 

6. Legal and accessible: CBD gummies are legal in the US and widely available for purchase through online shops and retail stores.

What are the risks of CBD gummies?

While CBD gummies are generally considered safe, in some cases they carry some potential risks, including:

1. Aftertaste: The potent nature of strong CBD gummies can lead to a slight hemp-like flavor lingering in the mouth after consumption.

2. Drug interactions: CBD may interact with certain medications, particularly those metabolized by the liver. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional if you’re taking medications before using a CBD gummy.

3. Side effects: Although rare, some individuals may experience side effects with CBD such as drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, or changes in appetite. These effects are typically mild and pass once your body adjusts to CBD.

4. Quality and regulatory issues: The CBD market is largely unregulated, leading to variability in product quality and labeling accuracy. While poor-quality CBD gummies may contain harmful contaminants or inconsistent levels of CBD, posing health risks.

This makes it crucial for consumers to choose reputable brands that use third-party labs to test their CBD gummies for quality and purity.

Comparison of the strongest CBD gummies

Product Type of CBD Price Potency Size Cost per mg of CBD Verdict
cbdMD Gummies broad-spectrum $109.99 200 mg CBD per gummy 60 gummies $0.009 Most potent and value for money
Binoid Gummies full-spectrum $32.99 50 mg CBD + 10 mg THC per gummy 20 gummies $0.033 Best for psychoactive effects
Canna River Gummies broad-spectrum $35.00 100 mg CBD per gummy 30 gummies $0.012 Potent and affordable
Medterra Gummies full-spectrum $31.49 – $55.99 50 mg CBD + 5 mg THC per gummy 20, 40, 60 gummies $0.03 – $0.02 Best for sleep
Batch Gummies full-spectrum $48.74 50 mg CBD + 25 mg CBG per gummy 30 gummies $0.02 Best for chronic pain

Final thoughts

In summary, when considering potent CBD gummies for your needs, it’s essential to approach their use with caution. By prioritizing quality, consulting with healthcare professionals, and being mindful of potential risks, you can maximize the benefits and get the most out of CBD gummies.


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