10 Differences Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil You Should Know

Image showing differences between Hemp oil and CBD oil

We all know that CBD is a compound that comes from Hemp Plant and has a wide variety of benefits associated with it but most people confuse Hemp oil or Hempseed Oil with CBD oil. 

So, what’s the difference between Hemp oil and CBD Oil? Are they the same thing? And if CBD is extracted from Hemp doesn’t that mean Hemp oil should have all the benefits that CBD oil has to offer?

The short answer is Hemp Oil is not the same as CBD oil. 

Hemp Oil is made by pressing hemp seeds, it contains no CBD, no THC, no plant Cannabinoids to speak of but it’s great for making varnish, paint, soap, and nutraceuticals. The protein-rich hemp seed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and other healthful compounds. 

CBD oil is a compound extracted from the flowers and leaves of the Hemp or Cannabis plants, that is known for easing symptoms of many common health conditions like Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, and more.

Many people are mistakenly buying hemp seed oil, which has zero CBD thinking it offers the same benefit as CBD oil, but it doesn’t.

10 Differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil:

How they are Made: 

  • Hemp Oil is made by pressing the seeds of the Hemp Plant.
  • CBD oil is extracted from flowers and leaves for the Hemp or Cannabis Plant. 
Hemp oil can be made only from Hemp Plant. While CBD Oils can be made from both Cannabis and Hemp Plant.

Major Ingredients:

  • Hemp Oil contains higher amounts of Protein, Fiber, and Omegas (good fats) which is the main component responsible for boosting the health of your Brain, Heart, Skin, and Immune System.
  • CBD Oil contains a wide range of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Phytonutrients that interact with your body’s Endocannabinoids system and maintain homeostasis which further provides a wide range of benefits to your overall health and Wellbeings.


  • Hemp Oil is completely legal for sale, purchase, and use in the US.
  • CBD Oil is also legal, some states have restricted the sale and use of Full Spectrum CBD oils due to their THC content.
Cannabis is not completely legal in the US yet, while Hemp is. Most of the CBD oils you see in the market are extracted from the Hemp plant and contain less than 0.3% of THC.


  • Hemp Oil is comparatively much cheaper than CBD Oil. An Ounce of 1000mg CBD Oil could cost somewhere between $30 to $100 depending on the type and company.
  • However, you can get at least 4 Ounces of good quality Hemp oil under $15 on Amazon.


  • You can purchase Hemp oil on Amazon or at your local store very easily.
  • While CBD oil can be found only at a limited number of stores and its qualities can vary, It is not sold on Amazon. However, there are various companies like Green Roads and Plain Jane that sell good quality CBD oil online.

Side Effects:

Side Effects of both the Oils are very rare and well-tolerated, but certain people can experience side effects like Drowsiness, Dry Mouth, Low Blood Pressure, Allergies to certain components of the oil, and Decrease Appetite when using both Hemp Oil and CBD Oil.


Both Hemp and CBD Oil have a wide range of benefits.

  • Hemp Oil contains healthy fats, vitamins, and nutritions that work to improve the health of the Skin, Immune System, Heart, and Health.
  • While hemp oil is a nutritional product, it can not give you the same level of benefits as CBD oil, because CBD Oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes that work in synergy and create an entourage effect within that give a multitude of benefits to the user.


  • Hemp Oil comes in only one form, but its strength can vary from 500mg to 1,000,000mg.
  • CBD oil comes in 3 types: Full Spectrum CBD which contains wide ranges of Cannabinoids including THC(less than 0.3%), Broad Spectrum CBD which contains wide ranges of Cannabinoids except for THC, and CBD Isolate that contains pure CBD only. All types of CBD Oil also come in varieties of strengths ranging from 100mg to 10,000mg.


Both CBD Oil and Hemp Oil can be used as a tropical and can be ingested but they both interact in a different way within the body. Both of the oils are safe to take every day and there is no harm in taking both of them together.

Drug Test:

  • There is no way that Hemp Oil can come up in a drug test.
  • While there is a good possibility that Full Spectrum CBD Oils can test positive on a Cannabis drug screening.

Which One is Better: Hemp Oil or CBD Oil?

If you don’t have any tough health conditions and you are looking for a general wellness product that helps you maintain good wellbeing then Hemp Oil will be a good option for you. If you are trying to control certain health conditions like Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Seizures, Insomnia, Pain, Inflammation, then CBD Oil will be a good option for you.

In some Cases, Hemp Oil also provides relief in conditions like Insomnia, Minor Pain, Stress, and more but compared to CBD Oil, it is far less effective.

Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil. Hemp Oil is a nutritional supplement that is a lot cheaper, and completely legal in every form.

While CBD Oil costs more, and there is certain restriction over Full Spectrum CBD oils in some places, it is far superior to Hemp oil in terms of benefits.

Hemp Oil is generally safe for purchase, but the same can’t be said about CBD Oil. Because since CBD is not regulated by the FDA there are various companies selling sub-par CBD products which may cause more harm than good.

Exercise Caution While purchasing CBD oil. Try to purchase CBD only from reputable brands and make sure to check the COA (certificate of analysis), and Customer Reviews before purchasing. 


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