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A joint is a common term used to describe a hand-rolled cigarette containing cannabis or CBD-rich hemp flowers. It typically consists of ground flowers rolled in a thin paper, similar to a cigarette, then sealed at one end.

To prepare a joint, a flower is first ground to a fine consistency using a grinder or by hand. The ground flower is then evenly distributed along the length of the rolling paper, leaving space at one end to form a “filter” or “crutch.” The paper is then rolled tightly around the flower, with the filter end twisted or sealed to prevent the contents from falling out.

Joints can vary in size, shape, and potency depending on factors such as the amount of flower used, the type of rolling paper, and the skill of the roller. Some individuals may prefer larger joints for sharing with friends, while others may opt for smaller, more discreet joints for personal use.

Once rolled, joints are typically lit at the open end and smoked, allowing the user to inhale the smoke produced by burning the flower. The effects of smoking a joint are typically felt quickly, with onset occurring within minutes and lasting for a few hours.